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  1. The only question that matters is “How long will it take for this shawl to begin to look edible?”

  2. I wonder if Mlle. Uzanne has a boutique in Manassas, Virginia.

  3. Are the Prussians likely to advance on Manassas? Even now, are they amassing forces in Prince William County? I doubt PWC will put up with aliens in their midst for long.

    • I was trying to reference the First Battle of Bull Run, which took place near Manassas (and thus is called as such by certain ornery historians), and at which fine ladies and gentlemen from the Capital brought picnic lunches so as to observe the rebels get a right good thrashing, but were quickly first to flee with much soiling of petticoats when the Confederates proved unexpectedly victorious. I figured, that was a good place to find gentlewomen in need of battle-observing fashions. If only to replace the soiled petticoats.

      • Dangit, I wish this blog interface had an edit-post function. That’s “forced to flee”, not “first to flee”. How the heck did I manage to type with a Missourri accent? I’ve only even visited there once.

  4. […] ADVERTISEMENT PLACED by Mlle Uzanne, purveyor of fine fashions for ramparts and barricades, provoked much discussion of the battle of […]

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