JOIN DR. BOLI’S fight to have the dandelion adopted as the national flower of the United States of America! Momentum is growing—the bandwagon is rolling—and the time to hop on is now!

The United States of America is the most prosperous, most powerful, and most God-fearing nation on earth. Yet this great and divinely blessed nation still has no national flower!

It’s time to end the 232 years of inertia. Dr. Boli, whose affection for his native country is pure and fervent, has begun a vigorous campaign to have the dandelion declared the national flower of the United States.

The dandelion ideally reflects the American story: it is a plant that came from Europe and within a few decades had stolen all the best land from the natives.

How can you help? There are many things you can do. You can start by merely expressing your views on the matter to your friends and family, bravely ignoring their patronizing smirks.

You can also write your congressional representative, urging him or her to take up the glorious cause of the dandelion. Here is a sample letter you may copy if you wish:

Finally, you can display this banner on your Web site, linking to this page. It’s time to start a revolution!

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  3. 232 years of inertia? In fact, a national flower has already been designated a mere 211 after our nation’s illustrious founding. According to the legislation designating the national flower, it is “the rose”. Frankly, I find the designation of a specific rose to be quite alarming. It is not clear to me whether “the rose” actually refers to a particular blossom borne upon one plant in the fall of 1986, or whether the designation of “the rose” is more general and should be taken to refer to a particular plant (perhaps one growing one the White House grounds?). In either event, I fear a dire future for our nation, since if a particular blossom was designated, it is no doubt long since withered and decayed (or at best, flattened and losing color somewhere in the bowels of the National Herbarium). Even if the rose is more generally taken to be a individual plant, we should still be alarmed, as any individual plant will one day succumb to disease, drought or locusts. Surely the future of our nation is in grave peril if our floral emblem is something as ethereal as “the rose”.

    If cooler heads had prevailed, a widespread species or commonly grown horticultural variety of rose could have been selected thus ensuring our continued survival as a nation. For this reason, I fully support your efforts to redesignate our national flower as dandelions (please do not fall into the trap of choosing a particular dandelion to shoulder the weight of our national pride; this honor must be borne by the species as a whole).

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