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  1. What about cute furry companion animals, such as the ferret that I trained to rescue me from the Evil Overlord’s dungeon?

  2. The problem with this business model is that anyone capable of storming the Evil Overlord’s castle and overthrowing him, is also capable of storming Newgate Pointe and overthrowing the developer.

    • That’s why we want those people as residents; can’t have them outside, looking in.

  3. Gotta affidavit from a formerly distressed dude. Will that do?

  4. Does the “No Pets” rule include horses? Any quester worth his salt would have taken a horse, and if you won’t let him keep it, he’ll stay outside (and then storm the development at a fitting time).

  5. They have an even more exclusive gated community in the dungeons. And it’s free!

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