Dear Dr. Boli: In a catalogue of scented soaps, I came across a scent called “Lost Forest.” How does one lose a forest? And what does it smell like? That’s what I want to know. —Sincerely, Dr. Mitthew “Mitt” Bramble, Professor of Forestry, Duck Hollow University School of Agriculture.

Dear Sir: Dr. Boli lost a forest once. It was right over there in the woods behind the house, but when he looked for it again it was gone. He has combed the woods for it to no avail. Perhaps it was stolen rather than lost in the strict sense. As for what a lost forest smells like, one would have to find it before one could smell it, and then it would not be lost anymore. So you can see that the question is unanswerable.

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  1. I’d try to find my forest, but I can’t see through all of these bloody trees.

  2. I always wanted to know what “Mitt” was short for. I guess it had to be Mitthew. Thanks, Dr. Boli!

  3. I would like to know what the “Beach Walk” scent smells like. Sunscreen and dead fish?

  4. I believe the answer can be found in that seminal tome, “Escape to the Lost Forest” by Lucinda Woods, but I seem to have misplaced my copy.

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