THIS IS NOT an idle conundrum or amusing riddle. The Ansonia clock on the mantel did in fact just strike 71, and Dr. Boli is wondering whether it may be a sign of the End of Days.

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  1. It is time for the French Revolution.

  2. Time to buy a new clock.

  3. The clock is clearly announcing the number of years since its manufacture in 1941.


    • A very good theory, spoiled only by the unfortunate fact that the clock in question was bought in 1901, and that the Ansonia Clock Company itself was broken up and sold to the Soviets in 1929.

      • “…the clock in question was bought in 1901…”

        Ah! OK, now we are getting closer. This must somehow be related to the Mayan calendar. I’ll get back to you as soon as my mathematical calculations are complete – I hope it will be sometime before 21 (or 23) December, 2012.


  4. Time to visit the repairman.

  5. At 71 you’re nearly to a seven eleven, so it must be time for a slushy. I wonder what the flavor of the day is. I hope it’s lime. I like lime.

  6. It’s obviously an Illuminati plot due to the Law of Fives reference (7+1 is 8, 8 is two to the third power, 2+3 = 5)

    • Dr. Boli’s opinion is that people who attempt to control the world by manipulating the mechanism of a porcelain mantel clock are probably not too bright, no matter what they may call themselves.

      • The Illuminati have been trying to conquer the world for hundreds of years now. If they were bright, they’d have succeeded by now.

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