RIOTS BROKE OUT in several city neighborhoods today when a procession of Missouri Synod Lutherans celebrating the festival of Justinian the Great, Confessor and Emperor of New Rome, clashed with an unruly crowd of jeering ELCA Lutherans, who do not recognize Justinian as a saint on their calendar. No injuries were reported, but police report that several expensive German cars were keyed.

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  1. You never see members of the Church of Moloch (Reformed) behaving in such an unruly manner in public.

    • Council of 1889 or Council of 1911?

      • A Non-Confessing Church.

      • Die heretic!

  2. It was probably those Wisconsin synod thugs…

  3. […] not that stuff… this other […]

  4. Boy, if I had a nickel for every unruly, jeering crowd of ELCA Lutherans I’ve run into in my life…

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