You Can Be a Bozar, Too!

BOZAR THE CLOWN invites you to join the Société des Bozars and fight the battle for television-free public spaces.

In many states the aesthetically sensitive can already enjoy a meal or a cup of tea free from the noxious fumes of tobacco. But far more noxious are the endless discordant images that flicker from the television screens that lately seem to dominate every place of public resort.

We grant that television is a tragic addiction, and we yield to no one in our sympathy for its unfortunate victims. But why must the rest of us be prisoners of other people’s filthy habits?

Join the Société des Bozars today and raise your standard against aesthetic pollution. Make a pledge to patronize only establishments with no visible television sets.

Société des Bozars
Foster Street, Lawrenceville

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  1. As much as I applaud Mr. Bozar’s ethical stance on this subject, I do wish he’d return to his previous campaign against the evils of Brutalist architecture, as there are still public spaces free from televisions, but also free from architectural beauty. .

  2. Sign me up!

  3. Oh. After reading at least a dozen posts about Bozar the Clown, I finally noticed that his name is a pun.

  4. […] the Société des Bozars: We grant that television is a tragic addiction, and we yield to no one in our sympathy for its […]

  5. I can get behind this. And generally, it seems that restaurants without TVs have better food.

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