SINCE DR. BOLI moved his celebrated Magazine to the World-Wide Web, 404,404 visitors have achieved enlightenment. But this is a mere photon in the darkness: Dr. Boli is ashamed to admit that a large majority of the world remains unenlightened. He will not rest until everyone with an Internet connection and five minutes to waste has had the same opportunity that has doubtless been the making of these 404,404 people. It looks as though his retirement will have to be postponed for a few more years.

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  1. Congratulations to the good doctor, I am proud to be one of those four hundred four thousand four hundred and four visitors. And ashamed that there are dozens of cat videos on YouTube with more hits than that.

  2. Congrats, doc! (and is there a significance to all those 4s and 0s in a palindromic pattern?)

  3. Dear sir, I fear you have misinterpreted the data. You have not received 404,404 visitors. You have merely twice mis-entered the address of the page that shows you your site statistics. Hoping this helps, I remain your obt svt, etc.

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