WHAT MIGHT THE world be like one hundred years from today? The march of progress will bring such wonders as our generation can scarcely imagine, although our children’s children will regard them as merely commonplace. With the help of leading researchers in every field, Dr. Boli brings you a glimpse of the astonishing world of 2111.

The Internet will be mostly printed on paper, eliminating the viruses and trojans that plague it today. Information will be arranged according to the order of the letters of the alphabet, so that no complex and unreliable “search engine” will be needed to find it.

Facilities for the preparation of food will be available in every home. Instead of purchasing standardized meals in frozen form or in paper bags from fast-food outlets, families will be able to produce for themselves nearly any kind of meal they desire, according to their own taste and requirements.

Motor vehicles capable of carrying hundreds of passengers at a time will move at speeds of ninety miles per hour or more. Though they will be extraordinarily long by the standards of today’s cars and trucks, such vehicles will be articulated so as to be able to negotiate curves with ease. These vehicles will be powered by water, which, heated by burning some readily available fuel, will expand prodigiously as it undergoes its metamorphosis from a liquid into a gas, creating almost unbelievable power that will drive even the largest engines. Driver error will be nearly eliminated by placing the vehicles on fixed guideways or “tracks.”

The science of acoustics will be understood to such a thorough degree that musical instruments will produce sound by purely mechanical means, with no need for electrical amplification. One small instrument with no electrical parts will be able to produce such a volume of sound as to fill a large concert hall.

Universal musical education will eliminate the need for recorded music. Every family will own several musical instruments of the new mechanical sort, and each member will be able to perform competently on at least one of them, providing the family with hours of wholesome and improving entertainment.

Large openings covered with glass in the walls of office buildings will virtually eliminate the need for artificial lighting during the day, as it will be possible to harness the light of the sun itself for most everyday tasks. A clever mechanical arrangement will make it possible to raise the glass panels, allowing natural air circulation that will greatly reduce the need for artificial climate control.

The technique of acting will continue to improve. Actors will no longer require multiple “takes” to act out a scene correctly, eliminating the need to film their performances. Instead, audiences will gather in theaters to watch famous actors perform an entire movie in real time on a specially constructed set that will take the place of the movie screen in today’s theaters.

Photography will no longer be bound by the limitations of digital technology. Advances in chemistry will make it possible to record images directly on a specially prepared medium, which will be completely independent of operating systems and changing fashions in digital storage. Dif­ferent manufacturing processes will give these chemical media different characters, greatly enhancing the artistic possibilities inherent  in photography.

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  1. One can dream.

  2. Flimsy and easy to lose eyewear will be replaced by sturdier equipment secured to the face by straps that encompass the head. Such equipment will have the further advantage of protecting the eyes from objects in flight.

  3. A size revolution will replace Netbooks with a new generation of computers with significantly larger, standalone displays.

    Technological innovation will render obsolete battery-powered reading devices, ushering in a new generation of books that render text on a near-permanent basis without drawing any power whatsoever.

    Multiplayer gaming and 3D technology will advance to the point that multiple people may face off against each other in person by manipulating physical game pieces boasting complete tactile stimulation and full dimensionality.

    And as incredible as it may seem, in the not too distant future, telephones will be capable of placing calls.

  4. And, thanks to the internet, beauty therapy will be extinct as an industry, owing to the plethora of amazing zero-cost DIY wrinkle-reduction breakthroughs made by net-savvy SAHM’s everywhere.

  5. Games such as Farmville will be replaced by growing actual crops and raising actual live animals on real pieces of land. One thing that won’t change, though, is that the ‘farmer’ will still not make any money.

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  8. Geepers!
    The future sounds swell!

  9. Sorry, but this stretches the limits of credulity. A little bit too fantastic I’m afraid.

  10. We will no longer require a large, expensive and often morally ambiguous Police Force, as every citizen will carry a self protection device able to render any wood-be attacker incapable of continuing their nefarious deeds. Such an amazing device will negate the size, build and number, of said miscreants. The Old, – and even the Fairer Sex! -will be able to defend themselves from any and all assaults upon their persons or property.

    Added to this, handy devices -such as those described above – will have the added bonus of not only reducing the burgeoning prison population, but the cost of arresting, convicting and incarcerating the said miscreant will also be saved!

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