SO ONCE AGAIN the latest on that story: Osama Bin Laden is still dead. Reports are coming in from all over the Middle East that Bin Laden is still dead. As you heard just a moment ago, our Washington correspondent reports that Bin Laden is still dead all over America. And we’re getting preliminary reports from American Samoa that he’s still dead there, too. This just in from New South Georgia: Bin Laden still dead. Wait a moment—I’ve just been handed a note here from the producer. And she says that Bin Laden is still dead in Squirrel Hill.

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  1. Has Frederico Francisco Franco been reached for comment?

  2. Someone had to do it:

  3. John M. beat me to the Generalissimo Francisco Franco comment. Also received in the mail today, a letter with return address “OBL, Pakistan” reads Dear Professor Twilley, I’m still dead. Hugs, O.

  4. Alert!

    The channel once known as the Fox News Channel has been renamed the, Osama bin Laden is Still Dead, and We Haven’t Gotten Over it Yet Channel.

    In further news, terrorist mastermind, and presumptive ass Osama bin Laden is still dead.

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