EXERCISE YOUR DOG’S higher cognitive abilities with this simple test. You may be surprised to learn how much your dog remembers.

  1. What famous English general defeated Montcalm on the Plains of Abraham, at the cost of his own life?
  2. In the Old Testament, who married Boaz?
  3. What kind of ship has three or more masts, with fore-and-aft sails on the aftermost mast and square sails on the others?
  4. What covers the top of a building?
  5. In the game of golf, what name is given to the area outside the fairway?
  6. What animal, intimately related to the dog, did Little Red Riding Hood meet on her way to her grandmother’s house?
  7. In jazz, what is the name given to a repeated musical figure, usually two bars long?
  8. Which English colonist did Pocahontas marry?


  1. Wolfe
  2. Ruth
  3. Barque
  4. Roof
  5. Rough
  6. Wolf
  7. Riff
  8. Rolfe
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  1. I did this with my dog in a bar, adding, “Greatest New York Yankee of all time?” To which he said “Ruth.” For some reason, the bartender was not impressed and threw us out.

    As we sat there in the alley, Fido looked at me, confused, and said, “I shoulda said DiMaggio?”

  2. Dear Dr. Boli,

    Even after that quiz I still love you, which should prove my deep and abiding loyalty!

  3. Did Dr Boli actually have any prize?

    The local rag reads that the trivia night was too crowded and due to numbers of 40 it was too difficult to organize.

    25 I have heard is the optimal number. I have a large crowd so it appears we are out of luck.

    Such is life.

  4. We all love you too Dr. Boli!

  5. The only question that my dog Pickles got wrong was #5. He spelled it “ruff” when we all know that it’s spelled “rough”.

  6. Dr Boli,
    Double whammy for pickles I guess dogs learn quick what to trust and what not to. You should have given your dog a slight leader to assist. Makes all the difference and I would be surprised if pickles has the motivation to venture again. Even the most loyal dogs lose confidence if not well kept.

    Just to reply to Confucius, baseball is a very emotional passionate sport. Sometimes punters at the bar do not understand the atmosphere and the barman reminds them of such.

    I dare say Confucius even your inner Tao button gets elongated sometimes otherwise how would you know to keep it in Tao…but such debates are of Philosophy

  7. Dogs, pah!
    I asked my cat to identify the founder of modern China.
    He relied “Sun Yat-sen”, being an unreconstructed Nationalist, but I don’t think he should lose points for that.

  8. Love to meet these dogs at trivia one day – if you have guts to test yourselves.

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