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  1. Good thing I already know how to “Write”, or I wouldn’t be able to understand this advertisement. Can someone please translate it into Txt, in accordance with Clause 4 of the Americans with Disabilities Act?

  2. Very amusing, Sean. The very notion that you could reference the Americans with Disabilities Act by clause alone, when, in fact, the act as amended covers three chapters, six subchapters, and fifty-five sections of Code, to say nothing of numerous parts and subparts, in Titles 42 and 47. “Clause 4” indeed! That’s scarcely 1/7th of the way into the preambulatory statement of findings and purpose!

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  4. Great historical figures such as Benito Mussolini?


  5. Writing seems rather silly.

  6. Styles and language evolve over time. I noticed your sentence structure and words are different than would be used 100 years ago. Your Grandma would say the same thing about you. k thx bye.

  7. Not to be rude, but am I wrong in assuming that the exclamation should be inside the quotation marks on line ten?

    … learn to “write!”

    At least that’s what I was always taught.

    • For those who concern themselves with such thorny questions as order of punctuation marks, a brief explanation of the principle involved here may be found in this article.

  8. The trouble with writing is that it leads to thinking.

  9. Not unlike Joey on Friends(, they haven’t figured out the correct usage of “air quotes”

  10. Too long didn’t read.

    • tl;dr

  11. I believe you’re missing a comma between old-world and hand-crafted. Just sayin’ ;).

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