BLANDVILLE BEAT COP Millard Wheelwright has been suspended indefinitely without pay while Internal Affairs investigates reports that he wrote several citations in blue ink. Police regulations require officers on patrol to use black ink, blue ink being reserved for supervisors. According to a union spokesman, Officer Wheelwright claimed that he had lost his black pen and had borrowed the only pen available to him, but the spokesman wished to make it clear that the union did not condone what would be, if the allegations prove correct, an appalling and dangerous breach of protocol. Meanwhile, the Blandville Area Concerned Citizens issued a press release appealing for calm.

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  2. Ah, but does Blandville dictate the shade of black to be used on reports? Until they do, then officer Wheelwright really has nothing to complain about.

  3. Do youse have a brother named Strom? I mighta gone to school with him.

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