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  1. I purchased a printed copy of the internet, in eighteen illustrated volumes, back in 2004, and obtained the annual supplements from 2005-2008. With each successive year, however, it became increasingly clear that little of value had been added to the internet, and early in 2009, I decided to cancel my order for that year’s addenda.

    I have found the 2004 internet suitable for daily use, consulting the supplemental volumes as circumstances warrant, though the shelf space devoted to “MeetUp” is somewhat excessive, and I have loaned that volume indefinitely to a certain Mr. Dean, whose nostalgia where that subject matter is concerned strikes me as somewhat peculiar.

    Although I do not, at present, anticipate purchasing the 2011 supplement, especially in light of resoundingly negative reviews, I may yet acquire a critical edition of the internet, should such plans come to fruition, as I am hopeful that the commentary will help shed light on the mystery of AOL’s sizable market share.

  2. Will there be an annotated edition available?

    • While we’re on the subject of the contents of various works discussed in these pages, I will pose the question Mr. Buck is too modest to ask: does the table of contents of “Acting White” feature in Dr. Boli’s Comprehensive Anthology of Tables of Contents, or is the work not quite as comprehensive as previously supposed?

  3. […] Dr. Boli, that favorite fellow of mine, has this to say about the net: […]

  4. In my vast international studies, I have discerned that the “internet” is oft times referred to as the “net”. With a solid background in accounting principles I know full well the “net” is what remains after expenses, etc. Therefore I strongly recommend you explore copying the entire “inter-gross” lest you inadvertently miss some important information.

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