THE SO-CALLED “Shot Heard Round the World” was in fact heard only as far as Westminster, but apparently that was sufficient.

The British army had superior weapons, tactics, numbers, supplies, and commanding officers, but the Colonials knew Jiu Jitsu.

George Washington lost every single battle of his career, but Lord Cornwallis surrendered anyway because he had an irrational fear of dentures.

John Hancock’s signature was already considerable when he signed the Declaration of Independence, and by the end of his career it occupied three separate wagons whenever he traveled.

No one was bold enough to tell George III that the American war had ended badly, and as late as 1798 he sent a royal governor to Boston, much to the amusement of the laconic New Englanders.

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  1. these facts suc

    • yup they suck @$$

  2. these facts ar terible

  3. They’re pretty funny, actually

  4. funny but not helpful

  5. Are these facts? Wow these are terrible

  6. No they are not even facts (at least one of them isn’t. George Washington did, in fact, win battles in his career. For example, the battles at Trenton and Princeton were battles in which George Washington fought, who won? George Washington.

  7. The “shot heard around the world” is not meant to be taken literally. The phrase means that the news of firing of guns reached everyone in a short amount of time.

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