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  1. Dear Dr. Boli,

    First of all, I really must ask you how long your beard is. I have a self-professed obsession with beards, and I must know how long your beard is, else I will go quite distracted. Also, I was wondering what your view of the musical profession was. Do you like the French horn better than the Dutch bagpipe-snozzlegasp, or do you prefer the piano-forte?

    I remain yours truly,
    Scarlett O’Hara

  2. For myself, Miss O’Hara, all I can say regarding the length of the estimable Dr. Boli’s beard is that it is long enough.

  3. Abraham Lincoln, on being asked how long a man’s legs should be, famously replied “Long enough to reach the ground.”

    Dr. Boli’s beard is of the exact length required to reach his chin.

    I trust that between us Martha and I have fully addressed the matter.

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