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  1. God is not in the details, but in the PowerPoint.

  2. Awesome!! Kickin!! Strokin!! Kewl!! Smokin!! Who is bringing the beer? Awwwwwwwwwwwwww RIGHT!!!!!

  3. You’ve tried Seeker Friendly, now try Pete Seeger friendly.


  4. Teresa’s comment: Winner.

  5. I’m afraid that 1st UFWOC just isn’t inclusive enough for me. Where is the liturgical dance or puppetry? And hello, what about the mimes? Do they have to be so blatant about their bigotry and racism?

  6. Yeah. I mean, hey, we had giant puppets at the Eucharistic Congress. What gives?

  7. Dear Lord, you attend my church…

  8. […] coin a phrase: Heh. Comments […]

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